The MVA is a graphic design studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We design, books, posters, print collateral, exhibitions, music packaging, and identity systems as well as producing images and lettering for editorial and products. See all our work here.

Recent projects include exhibition collateral for The Soap Factory, a graphic campaign for Unhinged—an 18+ haunted house project, book covers for Minnesota Historical Society Press, and a redesign of the Corcoran Neighborhood Organization’s monthly newspaper.

The core of the studio is Joshua Namdev Hardisty and Kimberlee Whaley.

Our design philosophy is simple: we want to tell a unique story about a subject through typography, images and other visual elements. For a better understanding of what this means read Joshua’s essay “What I’m Doing When I Design.” Our process incorporates elements from Lean Development to allow us to work fast and iteratively. We overhauled our ideation process a few years ago; Joshua discussed it on his podcast (with Mitch Goldstein) Through Process. The best way to find out what we’re about is through social media: we post process and influences through Instagram, share lectures, insights and case-studies on YouTube, and give good stuff to read on Twitter

Want to work with us?
Email: studio [at]
Call: 612-308-2279 (Joshua)

The slideshow above is a direct rip-off of Build’s portfolio circa 2005. We’ve always loved the eccentric slideshow without end. All images are of our work or produced by us.