Company Bio

The MVA Studio is a boutique (for some reason this sounds better than saying “small”) agency that produces print design and marketing strategies for a variety of cultural, entertainment and publishing clients including Analog Clothing, Corleone Records, éS Skateboarding, Compatriot Snowboards, Mark Batty Publisher, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Permanent Supply Co., Princeton Architectural Press, and The Soap Factory. The company operates out of a sunny studio (some might say too sunny) in Northeast Minneapolis and a basement in South Minneapolis. 

The MVA was founded in 2003 by Namdev (formerly “Sparky”) Hardisty and Kimberlee Whaley as a way for the couple to give credit to work done outside their day jobs.

This in the 3rd person in case you need a company bio for an article or introduction so feel free to copy and paste. Though understand that normally we say “we.”


What we do

Graphic Design

We focus on 4 areas of design and image-making: Book (covers and interiors) and Print Design, Branding & Visual Identity, Illustration and Photography with additional experience in advertising campaigns, exhibition design, food & retail packaging, in-store marketing, music packaging and product design.

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Our educational efforts happen through 3 vehicles: Classes (offered through Minneapolis College of Art & Design),  Workshops, and Talks.

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