10 Things You Should do Before You Hire a Graphic Designer

A guide to make working with a designer easier by Namdev.

“Anyone who has had to hire a graphic designer more than once (or more than one) has been disappointed. At some point you will get results you’re less than stoked on. I’m lucky that I’ve never had to hire a straight up stranger in a pinch to design a major project BUT I have been the designer that disappointed someone. While I’m happy to take the blame for things I did wrong like being late, poor communication or causing typos, there’s a trend I see in the disappointed people—I was the first or second designer they had worked with and they had no idea what to expect or their expectations were based on one experience that went dreamily. I’ve got ideas on how to not get caught in this situation in the future but here’s some strategies for not being disappointed by the process *in general* for those of you who might need to hire a designer (especially if you have limited experience with designers)...”

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