#tbt: Minneapolis 55408 exhibition poster, 2004

My briefs at Intermedia Arts almost always said “Budget: $0.” This meant I would be running off laser-prints and if I wanted to get fancy then I would use colored paper. This bored the hell out of me so I would do whatever I could to make things more interesting. In this instance, I screenprinted 16x20" posters on random construction paper that we had at the office. I don’t remember how many we did (I know I have 2 posters in my collection) but they were almost all on different colors (the yellow and green on black was doooope). While it was mostly a gesture of economy I did like the idea the multiple colors reflected an idea of diversity.

The graphics came from walking around the 55408 zipcode and picking up random stuff on the ground—leaves, metal scraps, mesh; the unappreciated residents of the area if you will. I photocopied my treasures and then, for reasons that escape me, I traced the photocopies by hand and scanned them in order to design with.

My friend Randy Larsen started a band called Cable way back in that magical time known as 1994. When people asked him what they sounded like he’d say “We’re a bad Hoover rip-off.” When I showed this poster to Dan Black before we printed it I told him “Here’s my bad Non-Format rip-off.”