Alexa Horochowski: Club Disminución exhibition graphics

Overview: Mailer and title wall for a solo exhibition at The Soap Factory.

Background: When we first began working with Alexa Horochowski she had some ideas of what images would work best as the main graphics for the show. While we down to explore those avenues, we weren’t sure that they would work for the mailer format so we proposed exploring her suggestions as well as new ideas.


  • 11 x 17" mailer
  • 10 x 10" title wall


  • Art Director: Joshua Hardisty
  • Designer: Derek Huber
  • Photograph: Alexa Horochowski
  • Printer: Modern Press
  • Vinyl Production: Discover Signs
  • Fonts: Garamond, Franklin Gothic

Visuals: During a studio visit Joshua was struck by the very modern sense of beauty and abstraction in Alexa’s sculptures, prints and videos and wanted to produce a good old-fashioned exhibition poster. There was a print of the seaweed photo on the wall and he said “What if we just run type over this photograph as an option?” From there Derek designed the mailer with nods to 1950s MoMA catalogs (to echo the formal beauty we saw in the work).