Crime & Punishment program

Overview: Program for Live Action Set’s immersive-theater production Crime & Punishment in the Haunted Basement.

Background: Theater programs are souvenirs but they’re crappy souvenirs. At best they give you something to read while you wait for a performance to start and then maybe they live in a box in your house somewhere. Rarely are they special or worth showing anyone.

Working with just a $500 budget we produced two postcards inside of a clear plastic envelope. This had the effect of feeling more like a nice card from a friend than a throw-away pamphlet. There’s just enough thickness to the package that it feels substantial but no so much that it seems wasteful. Our hope is that the combination of an attractive appearance, novel format, and heft cause the recipient to put the package or individual cards on display or show them to other people.

Format: 2 6 x 9" postcard with spot gloss varnish

Credits: Photography: Seth Dahlseid; Printer: Overnight Prints

Visuals: Using Seth Dahlseid’s visceral photographs as a base, we layered a typographic treatment over it that is intended to echo the theme of entrapment.