Fiction Friction/The Party’s Over Exhibition Graphics

Overview: Postcard, title wall and social media graphics for a dual exhibition at The Soap Factory. 

Background: In a first for us, The Soap Factory has hosting two group shows at once. The two shows had no overlap—different artists, different subjects and different curators. This meant that we would either have to present both exhibitions as part of one larger idea or find a way to divide the card into two surfaces each with its own concept. We opted for the former.


  • 6 x 9" postcard
  • 10 x 10' title wall
  • Square social media graphics


  • Printers: Postcard—Modern Press; Vinyl Production—Discover Signs
  • Font: Colfax (Process Type Foundry)

Visuals: In a departure from how we’ve worked over the last few years, Joshua started this project with no concept in mind, instead sketching ideas and letting influences come in and out. In the end it became a typographic puzzle where The Soap Factory and the dates are the most important pieces and all the other information interacts with those elements. The composition and color are loosely inspired by some of Joshua’s favorite Josef Müller-Brockmann posters (though from two different eras) but updated with Process Type Foundry’s Colfax font.