Haunted Basement newspaper

Overview: A newspaper of articles and games given away to visitors of The Soap Factory’s Haunted Basement. 

Background: The Soap Factory’s annual Haunted Basement is notoriously scary. There are so many people crying “uncle” and being escorted out of the basement that the gallery set up a temporary Spooky Speak-Easy so that patrons had a place to calm their nerves while they waited for the rest of their party. This newspaper would be available for free in the speak-easy.



  • 17x22 Newspaper


  • Art Direction/Design: Joshua Hardisty
  • Cover & illustrations: John M. Vogt
  • Printer: LINCO

Visuals: John Vogt’s illustrations were inspired by Japanese avant-garde theater graphics both for their surrealist origins and the link to The Soap Factory. Joshua then created gigantic classic-looking spreads for a sober kind of seriousness.