The MVA Studio is now accepting summer internship applications (from MCAD students specifically)

I’m excited to announce that we’re bringing back our internship program and we’re looking for our first intern to work with us this summer.

Visit the intern page to for details and application requirements at

Some background:

Why are we looking for a graphic designer to be a social media intern with an MCAD background?

We want our internship to be an educational experience. I believe there has always been value in interning at The MVA but we never sat down and said,“How can we make this supplement a designer’s education?”.

The opportunity is for someone to work with us in social media and marketing. We spend time on this stuff but if the choice is between client work and business development or “Book Cover of the Day” we choose the former. A boot-strapped studio like ours can’t pay someone to do this kind of project so when we get too busy we just kill it (and if you follow us on Instagram then you know that we have done just that).

The problem is that we do think these kinds of projects are important. They help us find an audience and they shed light on what we’re interested in as designers and as a business. But between children, teaching, and client-work scanning book covers is not a good use of time.

A second problem is there are all kinds of other projects for our blog and social media that we do want to do. These range from design content to better promoting the stuff we already put out.

In theory we need a social media intern. But this intern would need to have an innate passion for digging through library stacks and used books. They would need to find names on the backs of old novels and then try to find more info about them. They would want to photograph record covers or dig through our design archive to create blog posts. AND they would need to have the design skills to create digital flyers to promote new projects and writing, or more specifically digital flyers that we thought were good. Oh, and it would be great if they were versed in Seth Godin, 37signals, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Holiday, Amber Naslund and Jay Baer. I don’t think there’s a student that fits this description but there should be. And we’re creating an internship program that aims to make this happen. 

We’ve devised a position that marries a passion for design—its practice and history—with a desire to learn more about digital publishing and marketing without any of the “best practices” nonsense of social media consultants (“Post everyday! Don’t post on Sunday! Send emails at 9:37 on Tuesday! Send emails at 4:47 AM EST on Sundays! Ask questions on Facebook!” Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.). The chosen applicant will learn on the job literally. They’ll spend half their time reading key works, reporting on their own findings and discussing strategy with us. The other half will be spent on producing and promoting content for The MVA’s digital channels. Some of which has already been mentioned like the “Cover of the Day” series and creating micro-content like flyers and quote graphics to promote our writing and projects but that still leaves a wide-open space for new ideas and experiments.

Why does it need to be an MCAD student? Well, maybe it doesn’t but we went to MCAD and teach there so its important to us to continue helping out MCAD. But we’ve also developed a world-view that has nothing to do with what we were taught there beyond the craft of design. We make no distinction between marketing and content. We use graphic design as a tool that is in service to both. We embrace the old-school idea of problem-solving. We love working with clients and don’t care about creative control. And yet we are still passionate about design. We care deeply about the work we make. We can talk for hours about typography. I’ll happily discuss the underlying structures of Emil Ruder posters with anyone who’ll listen. And then I’ll switch the topics back to growth hacking or youtility and how they relate to graphic design. My experience has been that this isn’t commonplace. But it should be.

Maybe I’m an ego-maniac but I think the MCAD student who joins The MVA will supplement their design education in such a way that they’ll be in a better position to get what they want after this summer.

If this is you, get in touch.

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