MCAD Liberal Arts Poster Series

Overview: Set of 5 screenprinted posters to promote two series of talks and discussions at Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

Background: MCAD’s Liberal Arts department hosts two bi-weekly events with either students or faculty. Our goal was to produce promotional materials that would be able to bring attention to each event while not necessarily producing a poster a week. The solution was to produce one poster a month for internal use and a fifth poster at the beginning of the cycle that could be posted outside of the school.


  • 5 18 x 24" screenprinted posters


  • Printer: Joshua Hardisty
  • Font: Adobe Garamond

Visuals: There were three ideas at play—

  1. Layout: A structed information-driven display inspired by 1950s Swiss Typography that was intentionally somewhat boring. High-contrast big type shows that you can make something visually compelling without a “gimmick” or concept.
  2. Typography: We wanted to say “liberal arts” in a very simply way—make it look “book-ish.” This was achieved by using Adobe Garamond, a classic serif typeface. 
  3. Color: It was important to make sure that students could tell whether a new poster had been put up (beyond having to actually read it). This was achieved by a mutating color scheme derived from seasonal changes (Joshua had just read Edward Tufte’s “Visual Design of the User Interface booklet and was intrigued by the idea of picking colors based on nature).