Summer 2014 classes at MCAD now open

We’ve been so busy planning classes that we forget to tell you about them! In any case,  here’s the Summer 2014 line-up with classes in typography, graphic design and marketing as well as our first two independently organized workshops at the studio.

So, first, classes at The MVA (coffee and pastries will be served):

Classes at MCAD

Developing a Visual Identity (6 sessions)

Starts Monday, June 9th! Registration closes June 5th so act now.

A visual identity is more than nice‐looking words on business cards or a website; an effective visual identity can tell a story about a business's working methods and core values. Done correctly, a strong visual identity should be part of a larger communications strategy for getting clients, sales, connections and exposure. This six‐week class will take students through the process of revising a brand and identity, or starting one from scratch.

Schedule: Mondays, 6:30–9:30pm; June 9–July 14
Instructor: Namdev Hardisty
Non-Credit Tuition: $210 

More information and financial aid opportunities here.

Intro to Graphic Design (10 sessions)

Starts Monday, June 9th! Registration closes June 5th so, again, act now.

Graphic design is everywhere. From t‐shirts to posters, traffic signs to logos, graphic design is used to visually communicate an idea, a message, or a statement. Students in this class will explore graphic design as a practice and learn to put to work the concepts and principles of design.

Schedule: Mondays, 6:30–9:30pm; June 9–August 11 
Instructor: Zach Keenan 
Non-Credit Tuition: $380.00  
1 Credit Tuition: $750.00

More information and financial aid opportunities here.

Intro to Typography (10 sessions)

Starts Thursday, June 12th! Registration closes June 9th so you’ve got a minute but not much more.

It's one thing to make a message legible—clear to another person and beautifully typeset (meaning how the letters have been arranged)—but quite another to render that message so that it has emotional and aesthetic qualities. The ability to do so is grounded in a thorough understanding of the history of typography. In this class, students will learn how to do just that. They will explore the development of typography and then apply what they've discovered to an engaging series of assignments and projects.

Schedule: Thursdays, 6:30–9:30pm; June 12–August 14
Instructor: Namdev Hardisty
Non-Credit Tuition: $380.00
1 Credit Tuition: $750.00

More info and FAQ here.

Stealing from Start-ups: Marketing Strategy Workshop (2 night intensive)

This is not another class about how to use social media for business promotion. Rather, students in this class will investigate the ideas that have built multiple billion dollar tech brands and thus far, have evaded traditional marketers, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs. 

Terms like Growth Hacking, Lean Development, and Product/Market Fit may seem like Silicon Valley buzzwords, but in reality these ideas offer an approach to marketing and business design that may be most helpful to the kinds of businesses burgeoning creative entrepreneurs run—small, boot‐strapped, and flexible. Over two nights, students will be introduced to the ideas behind start‐up success stories like Twitter and Instagram but more importantly, will discuss how these strategies have been appropriated by artists, designers, and traditional marketers.

Schedule: Wednesday, July 2nd & July 9th; 6:30 PM–9:30 PM 
Instructor: Namdev Hardisty 
Non-Credit Tuition: $76.00

Registration closes June 30th. Go here to register.

Typography Bootcamp (2-day intensive workshop)

 Typographic Score by Carol D. in Namdev Hardisty’s Typography Bootcamp, Summer 2013.

Typographic Score by Carol D. in Namdev Hardisty’s Typography Bootcamp, Summer 2013.

Designers rarely have the opportunity to focus on typography without having to worry about brand standards and client tastes. This workshop was created especially for professional designers looking to get back to their roots (though it will also serve the novice designer quite nicely) through an immersive and fast-paced experience exploring typography as both image and text.

During the first session, students will shake loose the functional aspect of typography and explore the letter as an abstract symbol and design element through a series of expressive projects that are all made by hand (don’t worry—no drawing required!). In the second session, you’ll return to the basics of typography by focusing purely on hierarchy, information-flow, and composition, and the myriad ways they affect communication and reading.

Final Hierarchy Study by Kat C. in Namdev Hardisty’s Typography Bootcamp, 2013.

Hierarchy Study 1 using only 1 typeface in a single size by Carol D. in Namdev Hardisty’s Typography Bootcamp, 2013.

By the end of the workshop, students will have re-kindled their passions for typography and will have new insights to bring back to their work

Schedule: Saturday, July 19th & July 26th; 9 AM–3 PM (with 1-hour lunch break)
Instructor: Namdev Hardisty 
Non-Credit Tuition: $114.00

Registration closes July 15th but its a small (and awesome class) so do it now.