Walls You Can Read book

Overview: A collection of prose, poetry and images celebrating 10 years of TalkingImageConnection at The Soap Factory.

Background: TalkingImageConnection is an event that brings writers together to respond to visual art works. TIC wanted a small run of chapbooks for their 10th anniversary event that had roots in both the world of literature and visual arts.


  • 96 page softcover book
  • Digital printing
  • 125 copies
  • 7 x 10"—The size was driven by our desire to create something that sat on the fence of being a traditional poetry book. We pushed the dimensions just past a standard paperback book to make it feel more like a gallery catalog.


  • Art Director: Joshua Hardisty
  • Designer: Derek Huber
  • Photography: The Soap Factory archives
  • Printer: Modern Press
  • Bindery: Muscle Bound
  • Fonts: DIN, Futura

Visuals: Our strategy was to produce a traditional beautifully-designed poetry book that is repeatedly interrupted by contemporary visual gestures. The texts are typeset in Futura with tons of white space giving it a slightly retro feel (we were thinking about Hans Arp and John Cage books from the 50s). But then all the elements shift around to create unique compositions. Double-page photos with text helped to disrupt the flow of the book while drawing more attention to individual poems. The gradient edge unifies the disparate photo styles (and quality) and is an inadvertant nod to The Soap Factory’s origins as The Purity Soap Co. (we realized later in the process that the randomly chosen green turned out to match the color of Ivory Soap packaging).