All graphic design is product design.

The things we design have multiple lives. For a moment a book cover or poster is a type of advertising and its job is to get attention. But once the book has been bought or the event has happened objects are either recyclable materials or valued possessions.

And it’s all branding.

No matter how ephemeral it is, the object is a reflection of your brand. When someone holds your business card in their hands, their perception of what you stand for is changing, for better or worse.

We work with these multiple lives in mind. We get attention for you with strikingly designed objects. To do that, we develop a unique perspective about the content. This leads to unique design. And unique design means that we create products that earn a place on the bookshelf and the wall.

Our projects may not start out as products but we design as though they are. We want people to bring them home. To value them. To be entertained, intrigued, or engaged by them. 

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