All graphic design is product design.
All graphic design is branding.


The things you have designed for you have multiple lives. For a short period of time your book cover or poster is a form of advertising and its job is to get attention. But once its outlived that “functional” period because the book has been bought or the event has come and gone your objects are either recyclable materials, forgotten purchases or valued possessions and souvenirs. And from start to finish no matter how inconsequential the it is, the object is a reflection of your brand. When someone sees one of your books or holds a mailer in their hands, their perception of what you stand for is changing for better or for worse.

We design books and posters with these multiple lives in mind. In the short-term, we want to get attention for you with strikingly designed objects. To get there, we develop a unique perspective about the content. This leads to unique design. And unique design means that in the long-term, we create products that earn a place on the bookshelf and the wall. These projects may not start out as products but we design them as though they are. People should bring home the things you produce. To value them. To be entertained, intrigued, or engaged by them. If we hit both of these marks not only do you get more attention and sell more books or fill the exhibition, but the perception of your brand is elevated as well.


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