Over the last 10 years the members of The MVA Studio have worked across a broad spectrum of design disciplines—visual identity and branding, book design, illustration and product design, packaging, exhibition design, retail marketing, and print communication—for clients ranging from non-profit art centers to advertising agencies, public radio to Fortune 500 companies, and skateboard brands to publishers.



There’s 2 ways to experience our work—the Greatest Hits and Areas of Expertise.

Greatest Hits 

Below you’ll find a slideshow of our favorite work across disciplines. If your question is “Have you done fill-in-the-blank?” then this is the place to look.

Once you start the slideshow you can use your arrow keys to move forward. If you’re on a smartphone we recommend you click here for a swipeable experience. 

Areas of Expertise 

These are portfolios of work in the areas that we have developed deep experience in.

Book Design

Illustration & Image-making

Identity & Branding