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Vote Instructions poster (free with any poster purchase)

Vote Instructions poster (free with any poster purchase)


We have a stack of these but it seems lame to sell a social message. But we also can’t afford to ship them for free so you can order one and pay shipping only ($12 flat for any number of posters), or add it to cart to any poster order and we’ll throw it in for free.

Written and designed by mvajoshua for the non-partisan celebration of democracy (and design) that was Poster Offensive 6 in 2012. Designed after a Target pill bottle it explains the pros and potential cons of voting.

An excerpt of the copy:

Vote—helps to support the development of a healthy democracy.

Uses: Intended for the development of a government that benefits the greatest number of citizens possible while respecting the autonomy of individuals”

“I was walking around my backyard and every idea I had for a poster was just negative and nasty. Finally I had the thought that I wished people didn’t think a vote was a miracle drug. I was able to twist that negative idea into something more optimistic but still realist.”—mvajoshua

18 x 12” 2-color screenprint on French 100# cover stock.

For more information on this poster and to see some design research, go here.

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