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Soap Factory

More images to come.

Overview: Posters, and title wall for a multi-disciplinary group show at The Soap Factory, Minneapolis.

Background: Resonating Bodies brought together six installation artists whose work deals touches on performance and interaction.

Format: 11x17" mailer, 18x24" screenprinted poster and 10x10' wall vinyl. All are standard sizes for Soap Factory work.

Content: The artists and curator all had different working relationships so we created a set of info-graphics to show that show the nature how and where they have collaborated and a key to reading them. This is in addition to the purely informational text.

Visuals: Our initial sketches for the relationship diagrams were geometric and used the most basic of shape and patterns which reminded us of 1960s paperback book covers so we used a bold Helvetica-driven International Style aesthetic to play that up. We wanted to keep that sense of basic geometry or defaults throughout the design so we used a simple (and bright) blue and red color palette.

Credits: Art Director/Designer: Joshua Hardisty; Design Assistant: Timothy Cronin; Mailer printer: Modern Press; Screenprinter: Joshua Hardisty; Vinyl producer: Discover Signs