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mvajoshua artists books

mvajoshua artists books

3 zine-style artist books by @mvajoshua. Each one a reinterpretation of an on-going artistic practice: “collecting” closed captions, archiving visual ephemera, and kinda landscape photography. 1st edition of 25 numbered books



A photocopied reinterpretation of his landscape photography. Each copy is printed on randomly inserted sheets of green paper so that every copy is a unique piece. White French Dur-o-tone cover with 4 colors of green French paper inside. 32pp. Edition of 25.

Offer. Still. Stands

Violence—Short Stories

Short stories culled from Joshua’s collection of TV closed captions. Each story is the result of highlighting a sequence of tweets recorded from 2016–2017. No edits were made to the captions nor were any removed to affect the flow or narrative. White French Dur-o-tone cover with white French Glo-Tone paper inside. 32pp. Edition of 25.

$7 ea. ppd in the USA, or order all 3 and save 20%.

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